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The world’s first
solid tire company
The journey to becoming a Carbon-Neutral organization starts with a commitment to prioritize sustainability. In 2020, we made a commitment to become a net-zero emissions company in five years, and we are proud to have achieved this goal in just three years. Since November 2023, ATIRE is now the world’s first carbon neutral solid tire company, including it’s state-of-the-art tire manufacturing facility based in Sri Lanka which is now a net-zero emissions manufacturing plant.
Certified by SLCF and ISO 14064-1:2018 standard for Greenhouse Gas Emissions, ATIRE has reached net-zero emissions with a combination of sustainable initiatives across the company, coupled with the offsetting of emissions using carbon credits generated by it’s group companies for both Scope 1 and 2 levels.
carbon neutraliso 14064-1:2018, certified by sri lanka climate fund
all tires. not just same
All Tires. Not Just Some
All of our ATIRE tires are now produced with net-zero emissions. Every single one coming from our own carbon-neutral manufacturing facility.
less wear. less waste
Less Wear. Less Waste
By building tires that wear less, and lasts longer. We keep our tires more on the field, and less in the landfills.
maximizing solar
Maximizing Solar
Currently more than 85% of ATIRE’s roof’s are covered in solar panels to harvest renewable energy for our operation.
plant fuel over fossil fuel
Plant Fuel over Fossil Fuel
Plant Fuel over Fossil Fuel Steam generation accounts for one of the  biggest energy consumers for the solid tire industry, consuming immense amounts of fossil fuels each year. At ATIRE we use 100% bio-mass generated steam that drastically drive down emissions making the operation greener, and the industry more sustainable.
emerging technologies for green operataions
Emerging Technologies for Green Operations
Using advanced nano-tech, ATIRE reduces its tire curing energy consumption by over 15% - optimizing the most energy consuming stage of the solid  tire making process.
a greener commute
A Greener Commute
A Greener Commute Hundreds of ATIRE members commute to work every single day. Instead of traveling separately, 9 in 10 employees use ATIRE’s free shuttle service, minimizing the daily emissions from their commute.
reuse, reduce, recycle
Reuse, Reduce, Recycle
We re-use more than 80% of all our waste - from factory rejects, and production waste to even compound waste. All cycled back into our own in-house compound manufacturing unit to minimize the waste disposed to the environment.