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Our RunnerBand™ is a press-on band tire designed to perform in the most demanding application. Comes in both smooth and traction.
Our RunnerSolid™ is designed for typical floor conditions in heavy duty warehouses and production applications; either indoor or outdoor. Optimised for paved surfaces. Comes in black and non-marking
Heavy load material handling operations on unpaved surface conditions require maximum traction as much as possible. Introducing ATIRE RockSolid™ the perfect tire with a deep and open tread pattern to perform in the roughest environments.
Our SkidSolid™ is the genuine maintenance free solid tire solution for Skid-Steers. It is available as complete wheel assembly with both side wall options - aperture and closed. Built in with mud-breakers and directional tread.
Our TeleSolid™ is the genuine maintenance free solid tire solution for telehandlers of well reputed manufacturers. It is available as 28“ complete wheel assembly with non-directional tread pattern for fast driving between your construction sites, ultra-long service life, and unmatched comfort. Comes in black and non-marking  
Our RunnerLift™ is a genuine complete wheel solution for aerial work platforms of well-reputed manufacturers, either indoor or outdoor.
Our TrailerSolid™ offers the best maintenance free service solution for your Ground Support Equipment. The tire is available individually or mounted on a. genuine industrial rim.
Our TrailerSolid™ is the best choice for typical heavy-duty applications in container port. Significant lower overall cost than any pneumatic tire, as maximum wear volume can be used without puncture or underinflation.
You can track the performance with unique tread-wear-indicator.
ACHIEVER PLUS™ with its state of the art 3-stage design gives best rolling resistance and low heat build-up.
ACHIEVER™ with its economic but durable 2-stage design is the ideal choice for forklifts that do not operate round-the clock.
* Disclaimer : The performance comparisons in this brochure are based on testing conducted in our in-house tire testing facilities. While we believe these results to be accurate, they are subjected to certain limitations, and we cannot guarantee that they will reflect the performance of our tires under all conditions. Additionally, the performance of our tires may vary depending on factors such as driving style, operating environment conditions, and vehicle specifications, amongst others. Therefore, the information provided in this brochure should be used as a general guide only, and we recommend that you conduct your own testing and research before making any purchasing decisions.
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