ATIRE RunnerBand™
Minimal Wear.
Upto 2X Lifetime
The ATIRE RunnerBand™ lasts upto 2x the lifetime of the average premium solid tire
Powered by
the Ultimate ATX360 Compound
Ultra-Long Lifetime
ATIRE RunnerSolid™ last's on average unto 2x longer than the average premium tire *
Heavy Duty
ATIRE RunnerSolid™ is perfect for the most demanding 3-shift applications.
Comfort. Stability. Safety
Enjoy the finest ride comfort in forklift tires throughout its service life, whilst painting the highest levels of stability and safety.
All the right features.
In every tire.
Cut Resistant Compound
The ATIRE RunnerSolid™ comes with a special cut-resistant compound to ensure resiliences against operating damages, and to ensure maximum service life.
Enhanced Cooling
Our special low-heat build up compound increases tire cooling, ensuring minimal rolling resistance and maximum endurance.
ATIRE RunnerSolid™ is a solid rubber tire made of Ceylon's finest rubber. That means no punctures, ever.
Built-In Wear
Know exactly when to replace your tires, and how much wear has taken place. Easy, visual, and fast. Built-in feature in three locations in any ATIRE RunnerSolid™ size.
Optimizing for Traction
Traction Version
Our RunnerBand Traction Version combines all the benefits of the Original, but with outstanding traction, and resilience in the roughest surfaces. Whilst painting minimal wear, safety, comfort, stability and ultra-long service life
Clean. Bright. Compliant
ATIRE RunnerBand™ Non-Marking Versions are specifically designed to meet the highest compliance standards.
Powerful and Resilient
The ATIRE RunnerSolid™ and ATIRE RockSolid™ are the perfect resilient tire duo for any surface - paved or rough. Built with the special ATX360 super-compound.
ATIRE RunnerSolid™
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ATIRE RockSolid™
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Two Series. Endless Possibilities
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Redefining the Industrial Tire World
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The World’s FIRST
Solid Tire Company
Since November 2023, ATIRE is now the world’s first carbon neutral solid tire company, including it’s state-of-the-art tire manufacturing facility based in Sri Lanka which is now a net-zero emissions manufacturing plant.
Certified by SLCF and ISO 14064-1:2018 standard for Greenhouse Gas Emissions, ATIRE has reached net-zero emissions with a combination of sustainable initiatives across the company, coupled with the offsetting of emissions using carbon credits generated by it’s group companies for both Scope 1 and 2 levels.
carbon neutraliso 14064-1:2018, certified by sri lanka climate fund
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* Disclaimer : The performance comparisons in this brochure are based on testing conducted in our in-house tire testing facilities. While we believe these results to be accurate, they are subjected to certain limitations, and we cannot guarantee that they will reflect the performance of our tires under all conditions. Additionally, the performance of our tires may vary depending on factors such as driving style, operating environment conditions, and vehicle specifications, amongst others. Therefore, the information provided in this brochure should be used as a general guide only, and we recommend that you conduct your own testing and research before making any purchasing decisions.