Solid Design
Heavy Duty is the main benefit of a solid against a pneumatic tire. Firstly, solid tires can carry more load. Secondly, there is no air pressure to be maintained and no risc of sudden air loss due to foreign objects. You can simply „Fit and Forget“.
Same as pneumatic tires, wear and cut resistant tread rubber (gray) is in direct contact with surface. A hard base compound (green) with steel bead reinforcement ensures strong rim fit, when tire is pressed on the rim during mounting. In a 3-stage solid tire construction, a special soft inner cushion compound (blue) has low rolling resistance and minimizes heat built-up while carrying full load.
One-piece rims have only one flange. During mounting, the clip version tire locks itself into the rim with a specially designed rubber nose. No additional steel parts are required. We recommend this version for one piece rims. Standard version is required for split rims.
Wear resistant carbon black is replaced by Silica technology. This non-marking tread compound prevents from markings on production floor. This version is recommended for food and chemical industry.
We utilize only the best chemicals approved by the European Chemical Directive (REACH). All tires are designed in compliance with European Tire and Rim Technical Organization (ETRTO) specifications to ensure full load capacity and safety standards.
Our tires are manufactured out of Sri Lanka's finest natural rubber.