ATIRE provides tire fitting as a value-added service. We have a specialized fleet of vehicles and mobile presses with the ability to provide quick and efficient services through an unrivalled network of mobile service operators across the United Kingdom. Forklifts are a crucial part of industrial work and we ensure that our clients are supplied with tyres of the highest quality. Our mobile fitting service provides unparalleled convenience, the ATIRE team of expert technicians will be happy to arrange a visit at a time and place that suits you. Our rapid response ensures minimal disruption to your operations. Technicians inspect your fleet and ensure that your tyres are in excellent condition. We provide honest advice and recommendations that help you lower maintenance costs.
Trained technicians utilize cutting-edge mobile solid pressing equipment that suits forklifts of any make or model.
Forklift Tire Disposal
Disposing used forklift tires can be a hassle or a waste of time for most businesses. We dispose scrap forklift tires as a value-added service. Considering that it is illegal in the United Kingdom to dispose of used tyres in a landfill as of 2006 it is always best to let a team that possesses significant experience in tire disposal to get the job done for you. Our disposal practices are safe and responsible. Scrap tires are sent to an accredited tyre recycling plant that operates in compliance with the recycling regulations of the United Kingdom.
Responsible disposal of forklift tires across the United Kingdom
At ATIRE, customer orientation is one of our brand values. So that you can focus on what really matters to you.