Company - Overview

ATIRE helps customers to focus on what really matters. Our reliable products and customer orientated service supports you to run your material handling operations efficiently. The experience of having developed, produced and sold more than 4 Million solid tires gives you the comfort that your spare part problem gets solved professionally with highest level of customer orientation.
We are proud, that our tires are Made in Sri Lanka with only finest local Ceylon Natural Rubber with strong focus on sustainability. Process heat for vulcanization is generated with renewable biomass. Port of Colombo is less than 50km away from our factory.
We aspire to become the largest forklift tyre supplier in Europe and around the globe. We at Atire, intend to achieve this by providing world-class products and services to the communities we operate in. We combine a refined manufacturing process, an open corporate culture, diversity, and a sense of values that benefit our stakeholders, employees, and customers alike. We aim to provide affordable products and services without compromising on quality with the convenience of an enhanced private online shopping experience. We strive for excellence beyond our product and service offerings, this extends to all of our corporate activities to improve the lives of everyone we impact.
Our mission is to help our customers focus on what really matters - their operations and overall business ; not replacing their forklift tires. We take every opportunity to make your tire replacement experience as hassle-free, convenient, and simple as possible. From our quick online tire ordering feature, to our highly reliable onsite mobile fitting service, coupled with our long lasting world class tires - we take care of every step so you can have your peace of mind. We spend all our time and resources to ensure this, so that you can spend all your time on what matters the most to you.
Our values


Efficiency is core to the products, services, and corporate endeavours of Atire. We recognize the requirement for our products, services, and operations to provide the highest levels of efficiency. Every aspect of the business is fine-tuned for efficiency aiming to provide focused yet fast, practical, and economical work. Driven by technology, we go the extra mile to get the job done. Operational excellence is what we strive for, constantly looking to improve everything we do with the best interest of our customers in mind.


The central imperative is to build the reliability of our brand. We recognize that building trust takes time and we aim to demonstrate consistency in everything we do to build a lasting brand. We stick to our key ideology of providing reliable products and services to our customers. We guarantee authenticity with a refined manufacturing process and compliance with stringent quality controls.

Customer Orientation

Atire seeks to provide value to customers through exceptional products and services. We work closely with our clientele and collaborate through personal contact. We recognize that customers are the key to our success. We listen and respond to customer concerns. We at Atire, improve every aspect of our business to provide long-term solutions. We have manufactured and delivered over 4 million tyres while improving our technologies and operations along the way. We encourage a culture of continuous improvement by setting clear objectives, measuring performance, and paying heed to customer demands in everything we do.